Remedy for Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a variety of conditions. The causes can be many and often unknown. This is what makes this condition so difficult to treat and the condition itself so stubborn. People of certain ethnic backgrounds, such as those from the Mediterranean area, seem to have a higher predisposition for this condition. For others, it is a thinning of the skin and loss of lipids. Fatigue, nasal congestion and eyelid swelling during sleep can exacerbate the condition. For many, however, the cause of dark circles is extravasated blood that deposited hemosiderin.

Auriderm Illume Eye Creme with 2% Vitamin K Oxide helps to clear hemosiderin, making it particularly effective for those where this is the cause of their dark circles. Auriderm Illume Eye Creme helps to strengthen the capillaries and reduce or prevent further hemosiderin deposits. In addition, its specially formulated cream base contains agents to help plump the area and reflective agents to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Auriderm Illume Eye Creme can be used by all patients, regardless of the particular etiology of their condition.

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