Hear it from our clients:

“No more waxing and $500 saved a year!!! Dr. Ramaiah has completed 3 hair removal laser treatments on my chin and upper lip over the last 6 months. I used to have ingrown hair all over my chin which looked like a 5 o’clock shadow! Quite embarrassing! However, after 3 treatments all the ingrown stubble has disappeared and I don’t have to spend $ 40/month for the rest of my life on waxing that area of my face with very POOR results! With 3 laser treatments at Enliven MD Skin and Laser, this is cleanest I have looked in 15 years. I have stopped “sporting” a mustache and a beard thanks to Dr. Ramaiah! I never thought it was possible! Wow! Thank you Dr. Ramaiah, your laser machine and techniques are spectacular!” – Kavita R. 2/10/2013

“I have been going to this Clinic for both hair removal and skin lighting after an electrical burn to my face. I had gone to other laser centers in the past that have used other lasers. The kind of laser used at this center is the only kind that has worked for me. An actual change in my skin pigment has been the most significant. I would recommend anyone who is dealing with hyper-pigmentation or hair issues to VISIT THIS Laser Center. Thank you” – Jeannette R. 1/12/2010

“After being burned by previous laser treatments, it was so nice to find someone who is not only a doctor but also knows how to treat dark skin.  I am a Mac NW45. I had to stop my treatments due to personal reasons but plan on starting back soon. There is no one else I would trust with my skin and a laser after my previous experience.   Dr. Anita Ramaiah can treat all skin types.” – Nikki W. 10/14/2016

“After 3 visits I can honestly say that I’m so glad I chose  this place for my laser treatments.  Dr. Ramaieh is fantastic, really knows her stuff about lasers.  It helps that she herself is a physician and not just an aesthetician who does laser.  She removed an annoying mole, got rid of some ugly facial hair, and explained every step of the treatment to ease my concerns.  I highly recommend her services.” – Carole P. 1/2/2012

“It’s been almost a year since I first saw Anita Ramaiah so it’s time to give her credit for the help she gave me.  I had a lot of cherry angiomas and while they are only a cosmetic problem, I was showing less and less skin because they are unattractive.  The laser treatment that she used was quick, painless and 100% effective.  I’ve planned on returning to see her because I trust that she will make good recommendations on other procedures that will improve my skin and today I had my first peel.  She’s conservative and that’s what everyone would want – it’s my face.  Oh also, she is a very interesting woman!” – Cindy H. Scottsdale, AZ 11/7/2011

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ramaiah! My skin looks flawless! She was very knowledgable and precise. I am looking forward to my next treatment with her.” – Natalie M. Scottsdale, AZ 9/23/2011

“I have had treatments with this laser in 2007…I am from India…and I have not bought makeup in 3 years. This laser has made me stop waxing since mid 2007. I have saved money and time…. That is priceless. This laser is MD operated and you can be assured that the treatment you get will be safe and effective. Their reviews on google say it all…!!” – A. R. Scottsdale, AZ 9/15/2011

“This is the best thing to have happened to me…Let me assure you with all confidence you would be meeting a great person (in Dr Anita Ramaiah) who understands and lets you know what exactly would be needed to make you look good and confident. My short story, I was using All stupid products with Hydroquinone (8%)and other stuff to look good and lighten my skin color, as I am brown skin. And one fine day came across Dr. Anita Ramaiah, while trying to find some doctor in Phx/Scottsdale/Chandler area, as I developed Tan on my forehead while using Hydroquinone, I have been to her for 6 Sessions and the way I feel and look is much better (forgot about the Tan on the forehead, she would change the way you look) than it was when I 1st met her on 17 Nov, 2009. Its being an year since and it changed everything for me. The only thing we need to take care is we need to take prior appointment with her and can’t walk in as she is busy with her schedule. I with full confidence recommend Enliven MD, in Scottsdale, AZ with Dr. Anita Ramaiah, if you want to look and feel good. Thanks Dr Ramaiah!” – Rahul G. Chandler, AZ 11/10/2010

“If you ever get the chance to do one thing for yourself, I do hope that you have this procedure done. I saw Dr. Anita Ramaiah to have the laser veins on my legs treated. This procedure was the best thing for women besides having children. Dr Ramaiah introduced this to me when she was starting this new business. The veins on my legs looked like a road map. Different colors, some small and some larger. I was astonished while I was watching this procedure being done on my legs. The veins were disappearing before my eye’s down time just try to be off your feet for 24 hours. I am more confident when I am wearing shorts and swimsuits. My husband was excited to see the results and was also pleased with the incredible result’s and noticed right away that the big vein on my thigh was much smaller and most were gone. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. You don’t know until you try. Be adventuress today and call to schedule your LASER VEIN TREATMENT TODAY!!!!!!” – Fay H. Queen Creek, AZ 2/3/2010

“I went for a consult and saw Dr. Anita Ramaiah on 1/19/10 Tues., regarding my quest to get some bumps removed under my eyes after the incredible job she did removing some veins on my husbands nose. She told me about this one laser she has that would oblate them right off and my skin would level out smoothly afterwards. I was so excited to hear this because I’ve asked MD’s dermatologists and I’ve been to 2 plastic surgeons regarding them & I was told I needed plastic surgery to remove them. This affordable laser treatment is off the charts!!  She even burned a minor mole off, next to my nose that never bother me but I’m sooo glad I did it.  My healing process: 2 days to scab, I put good quality night cream/day sunblock lotion on to soften the scabs and within 48 hrs the scabs started to remove themselves and by the 7th day they were all gone and I’m a light pick now (make up covers it) until the ablated skin heals 100%. My face is so smooth I wish I found her years earlier. A lot of my wrinkles under my eyes are gone as well from the treatment.  More pics to follow once I upload them.” – Dawn W. Gilbert, AZ 2/1/2010

“I have lived with facial hair for 15 years now and tried various treatments without a satisfactory outcome. I came to USA from India  9 years ago. I enquired about the laser treatments in various states but was intimidated by having a different skin type .  I was afraid to go to a place where they don’t have enough knowledge about the eastern part of the work and their skin types.  I heard through a friend about Enliven MD Skin and Laser PLC  and  Dr. Ramaiah . I called her right away , she answered my questions patiently over the phone, and she scheduled me  the same week.  Here comes the best part, can schedule appointments on WEEKENDS!!!  She sent an email about the skin type quiz and the price list, which were really helpful to find out my skin type and  plan financially.  When I went in for the first time, she explained in detail  the Fontana lasers, the number of treatments I need and the possible side effects.  I gained confidence in her knowledge and practice by the way she answered my questions and decided to start the treatment right away.    The treatments are done by  Dr. Ramaiah herself.  Her explanation of each step during the procedure made me really comfortable to go under the laser for the first time. She was talking to me throughout the procedure.  I saw a great difference in the hair growth after the first treatment.  The growth has decreased to 50% after the initial treatment.  Still keeping up my appointments. Thank you Dr. Ramaiah, for taking care of my problem. I wish I met you 10 years ago.” – Paru N. Phoenix, AZ 8/15/2009

“Laser Hair Removal I would highly recommend Dr. Ramaiah for Laser Hair Removal, I am half way thru my treatment I already see a significant decrease in hair growth! The treatment was quick and relatively painless! If you are looking for hair removal Enliven is the place to go, the office is beautiful and her schedule is very accommodating.” – Natalie- Nov 11, 2010

“Dr. Ramaiah is the best! This is the best thing to have happened to me…, Let me assure you with all confidence you would be meeting a great person (in Dr AnitaRamaiah) who is very Knowledgable, understands and lets you know what exactly would be needed to make you look good and confident.” – NasaTheGreat Nov 10, 2010

“Dr. Ramaiah is truly a pro! Not only did i receive prompt and professional treatment for a wart, which now is completely gone with no scarring or burns, But she also recommended that we wait before lasering another one I had because she noticed the tissue was open and would have caused scarring. Now that it’s heeled I’m headed in for my second appointment. Dr. Ramaiah truly shows compassion and professionalism. Don’t go anywhere else! She knows her stuff!” – Daniel AZ Aug 30, 2010

“I met Anita (Dr. Ramaiah) almost a year ago. I went in and had a cherry hemangioma removed from my leg in which she used a NdYAG LASER. For years I was concerned with what it was on my leg. Anita knew what it was and removed it in minutes giving me peace of mind. I recently went back to see her again to remove a benign mole from my chin. She used an Erbium YAG laser. The benign mole on my face for years was gone in minutes. Amazing. I think Anita not only removes blemishes on the outside but also on the inside. She’s a really genuine person and has an amazing Energy amongst herself. I am grateful to have met Dr. Ramaiah.” – Dr. Ramaiah Removes Blemishes – Michael – Aug 20, 2009

“I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ramaiah for facial hair and is still undergoing treatment. She answered all my questions with patience. She is very knowledgeable in my skin type and in her practice. She talks throughout the procedure and explains each step of the treatment. A great change after the initial treatment. Thank You Dr. Ramaiah. I wish I met you 10 years ago.” – Dr. Ramaiah is great  – Kamala – Aug 16, 2009

“I received my first Laser Skin Treatment for my sun-damage and acne scars and I began seeing improvement and lightening after only a week. It is now 3 weeks since treatment and my skin continues to improve. Dr. Ramaiah is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. You will leave her office feeling confident in whatever choice the two of you decide to make with your treatment regime. This was my first experience with Laser Treatment and I am so glad that I found Dr. Ramaiah.” – Liv2Run Posted on Mar 21, 2009

“Hats of thanks to Anita . She is amazing. I am having my lower face laser hair removal treatment I already finished my 4 treatments. Results are awesome. She is perfect ! I am feeling so much difference in my skin. Definitely worth to spend money on laser hair removal. Thanks a lot Anita.” – Chinna – Mar 13, 2009

“I was so relieved to find a way to finally rid my teenage daughter of a very tenacious plantar wart. I had tried some home remedies: the medicated pads which rub off because of the location, and the over the counter freezing kits which also didn’t work. I also brought her to our primary care doctor who tried to freeze if off but that also did not work. I’ve heard that it if plantar warts are excised, not only is it painful, but it also spreads the virus: so I didn’t want to try that. So finally we tried laser, and although it was mildly painful it was very effective: about a week 1/2 later my daughter was able to peel the dried up wart right off! Yay!” – cathy21167 – Feb 22, 2009

“Laser hair removal has been the answer to my prayers. Nothing was ever as effective at removing my hair as laser removal has been. Dr Ramaiah was so well informed and really made me to feel very comfortable, To be honest it is an unbelievable to me in the beginning that this treatment really does what you said it would. Quite impressive. Thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me. I will refer my friends and family to you. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing care and results you provided me Dr Ramaiah..” Adora Stevenson – Feb 14, 2009

“I have sensitive skin and I visited Dr. Ramaiah in hopes of evening out texture and skin tone. Dr. Ramaiah was very attentive and spent considerable time with me, answering all of my questions and making recommendations for my specific skin type/problem. Dr. Ramaiah made me feel very comfortable, especially since I had never had a chemical peel before and was a bit nervous about what to expect. I decided on a laser facial treatment, followed by the chemical peel – the results were great. The chemical peel and laser treatment were very positive experiences that provided noticeable improvement to my skin with no pain. I would definitely recommend Enliven to anyone looking chemical peels and laser treatments!” – Millie – Feb 12, 2009

“This is by far the best thing I have done for myself. I have already had my 5 treatments completed. All I can say now is “WOW”. I feel like a totally different person. From my facial hair, to pigmentation and skin texture — the laser has done the difference. Dr Ramaiah is very professional & makes you feel very comfortable. I have recommended her to a family member who has also started with Dr Ramaiah & is seeing the same results that I have. I will continue recommending Dr Ramaiah to all my family & friends. You have boosted my confidence, Dr Ramaiah — THANK YOU!!” – Anju – Jan 25, 2009

“I was lucky enough to win a gift of 1 session of hair removal at an event I had attended. After my 1st session, I have not looked back. My initial consultation was to have the hair under my arms removed; I am so pleased I am going to schedule my bikini and legs next! I have completed 3 of the 5 sessions and can not say enough about Dr. Ramaiah and the procedure. She is one of the most genuine and sincere people I have met. Her knowledge base is extensive and she explains everything so you have a total understanding. I would recommend her and her facility to anyone.” – DenisePalmer  Posted on 7/7/2008

“After months of trying to locate a facility or a doctor that could offer laser hair removal to someone of African descent, I finally happened upon Dr. Ramaiah’s website. Elated, I immediately scheduled a consultation. Dr. Ramaiah is professional, kind, and went above and beyond in answering all my questions and in making me feel at ease. After only two treatments in a package of five, I am happy to say I can already see a huge reduction in the amount of hair on my legs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Ramaiah to anyone. She is knowledgeable, courteous, and caring.” – richieloren

“After just one visit, I have seen a significant difference in the hair growth on my face, underarms and fingers/toes. The hair growth under my arms is minimal to non-existent. Dr. Ramaiah also took care of a skin tag/wart on my back, which has resolved itself after just 1 treatment. The results with Dr. Ramaiah’s Fotona Laser were phenomenal and totally worth it!! Knowing that it was a computerized laser that could not in any way go wrong or burn me put me at great ease. I love the results and would totally recommend it!” – GANDHI200x

“Before I went to Dr. Ramaiah, my face was ruddy in appearance and my skin tone was uneven. I also had capillary veins around the nostrils that I did not like. After treatment, I found my skin to be more even in color, less red and smoother in appearance. Dr. Ramaiah made the experience more pleasant with her patience and explanations. I found the office setting to be extremely pleasant. There is a nice feeling to the office. I have received many positive comments on my skin since I have had my face lasered. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the look of their skin.” – 444angel”

“I have a very sensitive skin, which breaks out with the use of any chemical and many natural products. So, I have been thinking about Laser treatment for a long time, but did not have the courage to undergo one. Dr. Ramaiah took the time to research and suggested the right treatment for my darker and highly sensitive skin. She was also very patient and helped ease my fears by explaining the treatment process. I was very nervous before my first treatment, but felt comfortable since then. I’m happy with the results so far. I have no more worries about tweezing or threading every week!” – RADZ123

“I have been seeing Dr. Ramaiah for laser treatments for my underarms and dark pigmentation on my face. I have had 2 treatments for each so far, and SO FAR, SO GOOD!!! Dr. Ramaiah is VERY knowledgeable in her profession. She has always been able to answer all my questions and even did some research for me on her own time before I became a patient. She is also such a pleasure to chat with during the treatments!!!!” – jakeharley

“My 10-year old daughter has been seeing Dr. Ramaiah for hair removal on her upper lip. She’s only seen her for three treatments, and I, as her mom, have seen a tremendous difference already! Hair growth on her upper lip has slowed down, the hairs don’t appear as dark as before, and the best part is–she’s happy with the results. Side effects are minimal, if any. An actual session with Dr. Ramaiah only takes a few minutes. She talks to my daughter during the session to ease my daughter’s anxieties and nervousness. Overall, I highly recommend it to pre-teens and teens who would like to get rid of unwanted facial hair that seems to grow out of nowhere during puberty!” – vettieroe

“I love what simply only took 5 mins per under arm to reduce and really hair free in just 10 mins for both under arms!! This is great I have not shaven yet and love the results. This was my first experience with Laser treatments and the Dr really took the time to explain what was going on during the procedure which made this a very enjoyable experience. I would tell all my friends and Kudzu visitors to see this Dr now! she is great! “Love Your Underarms” I do!! Hair free Thank you again.” – MMHammel

“Dr. Ramaiah is very knowledgeable about all the laser procedures. She is very passionate about this business and she cuts through the confusing market and tells you how to get the most results without wasting your money or compromising your health with all of the products out there. The Fotona Laser works wonders, and she is the most educated physician in the Valley about it. I appreciate her knowledge and passion about this laser! My treatment was comfortable compared to what I expected and I have four more to go, and excited about the end result.” – MMHammel

ENLIVEN MD SKIN AND LASER PLC replied on 08-14-2007:

“Dear J (for privacy), thanks for your great feedback. It is so true that once people see the safety and efficacy of the laser technology at Enliven MD, all their fears and reservations about integrity and technology in the aesthetic laser industry will be gone. I believe that at Enliven MD there is no compromise for quality, and patient/client satisfaction is paramount. I am glad to see we could demonstrate it to you. It is so important to spread the word when a good thing comes by! Thanks again.” – Anita Ramaiah, MD

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